Timothy M. Ponce, PhD

Building Community 

To succeed, students need more than highly skilled instructors, efficient technology, and access to educational resources. They also need a stable, caring community in which they can learn. When weighed down by fear, the mind is unable to function at its optimum potential. I thus take community building

very seriously.

Below you will find several of my efforts to build community with my students. If is my hope that you find inspiration you can then use to meaningfully connect with your own students.  

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I try not to use the L word flippantly, but I LOVE cooking for my students. Something about food bridges gaps and brings people together. With the advent of COVID-19 and the push to online classrooms, though, I have not had the honor to cook for my students. I decided to start an online cooking show instead, inviting my students into my kitchen to cook with me. 

The Following are a sampling of those videos. 

Building Community Using MS Teams 

The following is a video demonstrating some of the ways I have used Microsoft Teams to build community in my classroom. 

Bakespeare - Cooking Videos 

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