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Where do I find an internship?

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When should I do the internship?

Ideally you would take the internship in your second to last or last semester at UTA.

Taking on an internship can feel overwhelming. If you know where to find the right information, though, it can make things a little less intimidating. The following will offer some answers to the most commonly asked questions about internships, particularly those for English majors. 

While Dr. Ponce does talk to business partners about taking on English interns, he cannot find internships for every student in the department. Thus, you must go out and look for one
​yourself. Websites like LinkedIn post internship opportunities, as well as the school's job
​database - Handshake. 

What counts as an English Internship?

There is no set rule in place to say that one kind of employment  counts as an "English internship" and another does not. Dr. Ponce will take a look at the job duties and decide if the job can count as an "English internship."

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