Timothy M. Ponce, PhD

Building Digital Community with Teams 

Classroom Communication - Student Perspectives 

Teaching with Microsoft Teams 

Small Group Work in Teams - Option 1

Why Teams - The Data 

Using the Whiteboard in Teams 

Note - I was placed on quarantine in the middle of making these videos, so the intro had to be filmed in my backyard. Sorry for the poor quality. 

ClassNotebook in Teams

Small Group Work in Teams - Option 2

When I first agreed to pilot Microsoft Teams several years ago, I had no idea that the then novel and relatively unheard of product would become a house hold name by summer of 2020. The pilot was a success,a documentary was made, and now the tool is used by countless fellow teachers.

Despite the ubiquity of Teams within college classrooms, I have talked with numerous instructors who still feel apprehensive about their ability to use teams to execute an engaging and immersive digital classroom experience. The goal of the following videos is to offer possibilities, ways to implement Teams in a collegiate classroom to engage learners and build a safe learning community.  

Teaching, Mentorship & Community Building